• Announcement
  • DK Online Official Website
  • 26.02.2019

DK Online’s official website has been released.
You will now be able to access even more DK Online news and features on the website!

"Let's Introduce our new website!"

This section will contain announcements, maintenance, and update from the developers, plus a variety of other events.

- The game
You can check the DK Online's character information and our episode&story.

This is a space where players can share information with each other and participate in discussions. You can conveniently access DK Online's official forums!

- MSG Coin
This MSG Coin guide and charge page. You can charge the coin which can be used in our game.

You can download launcher for running DK Online.

If you have any trouble with your account and need help, please click the support button.

We are planning to continuously update the information so that we will be able to better communicate with you all in the future.

DK Online Team


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