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  • Patch Notes - Mar 26, 2024
  • 25.03.2024





Hello everyone!

We are here to announce the updated contents on Mar 26, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Mar 25-26, 2024 @23:00 - 01:00(PDT)


1. March Event Ends
Delete Hot time event (EXP, Premium Point, Item Acquisition)
Delete March In-Game Attendance Check Event
Delete event NPC Ararch
Delete Monster Hunting Contest Event
- Delete event items (Monster Hunting Contest Rewards Box, Human /Demon /Undead /Elemental / Beast attack scrolls, Token of Slayer)
- Delete craft formula from Event NPC Landiboy
Discontinue sale of Alchemist Yoyo ($14.9), Yoyo ($9.9) Transform Card on DK Shop
Delete transform event option (Alchemist Yoyo +EXP 15%, Yoyo +EXP 5%)

2. April Spring Event
Start Burning Event (EXP) and Hot time event (Premium Point, Item Acquisition)
Add April In-Game Attendance Check Event
Sell Goyuki of Ninjutsu ($14.9), Goyuki ($9.9) Transform Card on DK Shop
Add transform event option (Goyuki of Ninjutsu +EXP 15%, Goyuki +EXP 5%)
Add Hunt Down the Phantom Mimics Event
- Appear Mimics in Forgotten Dungeon

3. DK Point Shop
Delete High-Combat Potion (30min)
Add Eos High-Combat Potion (30min)
Change Belt of Harmony Box (30days) to non-tradable

※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.

Best regards,
DKO Team


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