• Update
  • Patch Notes - 1st April 2019
  • 02.04.2019
Please check the detailed patch notes below.
- [Guild Event] 4th-week reward is given.
- [Server Ranking Event] reward is given.
- Close Guild Grow-up Event.
- Close Server Ranking Event.
- Close Launching Special Package Sale Event.
[Cash shop]
-Scroll: Lukard, Scroll: Aisha are added.
-Card: Ador, Card: Sparrow, Card: Pinaell are added.
 * If you buy a Transformation card, you can register that Transformation card.
 * You can transform through registered card by using various transformation items. 
 * Each card has a colored soul. you can obtain the registered card’s soul.
 * The soul can enhance your character
 : http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Soul_System
 * You can obtain the SS-Rank transformation card or S-Rank transformation card by combining S-Rank transformation cards.
-Eos Dragon’s Stick 1D / 7D are added.
-Eos Blessed Transformation Scroll is added.
[Novelty Merchant]
- The cost of Low Grade Magical Catalyst 10ea is changed into 15 Florins.
- Arrange of the item is changed.
-Eos Blessed Magical Catalyst 1000ea is added.
-Eos Scroll: Lukard, Eos Scroll: Aisha, Eos Scroll: Lukard of Assassination, Eos Scroll: Charming Aisha are added.
[Wind Elemental Tower]
- Wind Elemental Tower 1F~3F are open.
- 'Entrance of Wind Elemental Tower' is added in teleport bracelet (Field).
 * You have to pay the fee and reach level 30 to enter the Wind Elemental Tower.
 * The level limit of  Wind Elemental Tower 2F is level 30  and 3F is level 40.
 * In Wind Elemental Tower 1F, there are NPCs who support you instead of monsters.
 * You can obtain the Wind Attribute Resistance Buff by giving some florins to NPC Sylpid. 
- The Wind Elemental Tower 2F ~ 3F are added in Hunting Guide.
- Can search the new items which appear in the Wind Elemental Tower via Item Dictionary.
- Prohibited words are added.
-’World chat’ level limit is changed into 30.
[Attribute Enchant]
- The attribute is systems that provide additional performance in terms of attack and defense. There are Attribute attack and Attribute resistance, which can give the monster more damage and minimize the damage received.
- The Gemstone with Wind Attribute can be changed into Wind Attribute Stone through NPC Theo.
- You can strengthen the attributes of weapons by using Wind Attribute Stone.
- Attribute enchanted weapon can attack weakness attribute monster with additional damage. 
- For more detailed information, please visit the WIKI page
: http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Attribute_Enchant