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  • Patch Notes - Nov 29, 2023
  • 29.11.2023




Hello everyone!


We are here to announce the updated contents on Nov 29 server maintenance.

Maintenance Period: Nov 28-29, 2023 @15:00 - 00:00(PST)


Season 2 marks a shift away from Pay2Win dynamics.
You can now conquer new achievements to earn numerous freebies, providing you with a complete gaming experience. It’s a revolution where skill and dedication are finally the keys to triumph!

And there's much more we've prepared. For detailed information, please check out the following section.


1. Season Open Event
Add Hot Time Events
Add In-Game Attendance Check Event

2. Update
Unavailable Christmas Candy, Christmas Chocolate, Christmas Milk, Christmas Cake, Christmas Assorted Gift Box
Unavailable Premium Achievement Reward Reset Ticket (DK Shop)
Add whips in premium stores.
The novelty store sells highly efficient potions.
The balance of the Highlander Cocoon Orc area is modified.
-Highlander Cocoon Orc up (HP, offensive, defensive, experience increased)

Some drop items and probabilities are modified.
- Improve the placement of monsters in the Execution Ground of Lakshtoom.

The contents of the raid-class boss reward box will be reorganized.
Changing the components and probabilities of the boss reward box.
- Balrog / King of Wind Elemental / King of Water Elemental / King of Earth Elemental / King of Fire Elemental
Scroll of the Dead
- Adjust the price of weapon/armor scroll of the dead

The maximum level limit is increased to 77 levels.
Add Enhancement: Weapons of a certain grade can now be reinforced up to +15.
Adjust all bosses' respawn time to 30 minutes.

3. DLC/ DK Shop
Sell Sealed Experience Potions 100% on DK shop
Add 2024 Season DLC (Ultimate Pack)
Apply new buff (double item Item acquisition, premium point acquisition) when utilizing Premium Home Buff, DK Noblesse, and Dionne's Blessing simultaneously.

4. Skill Adjustments
- Duration increase for Heroic Spirit (Level 1: 1 minute, Level 2: 1 minute 30 seconds)
-Cooldown reduction for Battle Stance to 17 seconds, consumes 35HP instead of 15MP
- Cooldown reduction for Armor Break to 8 seconds, consumes 25HP instead of 15MP

- Dark skill resource consumption changed to 50MP and 3 Dark Magic Stones
- Dark skill duration changed to 5 seconds, changed to area-of-effect skill
- Dark skill now applies additional ongoing damage to targets under the dark status effect

- Holy Recovery applies to (Self, Nearby Party Members -> Self, Nearby Party Members, Guild Members)
- Tooltip modification for Holy Recovery
- Cooldown reduction for Avatar to 15 seconds
- Cooldown reduction for Provocation to 5 seconds
- Overwhelm resource consumption changed to 30MP and 1 Crystal
-Overwhelm skill applies to (Single Target -> Self, Nearby Party Members)
-Overwhelm skill cannot be canceled by dispelling

-Cooldown for Elemental Defense (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) skills changed to 20 seconds
-Mirror Magic skill has been changed to a targeted skill

5. Season Achievement
Change the way you receive the achievement rewards
Add Sub-tasks to the Monster Conquer 1 achievements
Add Monster Conquer Achievements 2
Add The 2024 season conqueror achievements
Reorganize free achievement rewards
Add cards to S Rank transformation card box and SS Rank transformation card box.

6. New Contents
Add Blessed Goddess Grace, Burned-out Grace of Goddess items
Add Blessed Bena Equipment Craft Formula
Add Magic Cubes
Add a Lazio Silver Exchanger.
Various items can be exchanged for Lazio silver.


※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.



Best regards,
DKO Team