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  • Patch Notes - Jan 16, 2024
  • 15.01.2024




Hello everyone!


We are here to announce the updated contents on Jan 15-16, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Jan 15-16, 2024 @22:00 - 00:00(PST)


1. New area
- Open the Southern Part of the Lazio
- Enter while holding the private flying ship ticket and talk to Flying Ships Manager NPC (Raphael, Dominique) to enter
- Entry is allowed for level 52 and above
Add Lazio main quests and daily quests


- Add Flying Ships Managers (NPC Raphael, Dominique)
- Sale of Sealed Private Flying Ship Ticket (24 hours, 3 hours)
    Sealed Private Flying Ship Ticket (24 hours) 1 million Florins
    Sealed Private Flying Ship Ticket (3 hours) 150,000 Florins
- Add Private Flying Ship craft
   Can participate all server members
   Need to accumulate 10 million florins


3. Premium Shop
- Add 'Corps Symbol' (2,000p)


4. Achievement (Season Sever Only)
Add 'South of Lazio'
- Free Rewards

- Premium Rewards

* All rewards are exclusive to this season
*Players can choose one item among those listed with multiple quantities
*Once an item has been claimed, it cannot be canceled or exchanged for another item.
*The Eos rewards are restricted from exchange, trade, dismantling, or combination.


- Update 'Conqueror 2024'
   Add 70point reward item 'Magic Doll: Conqueror's Azure Dragon
* After the end of the 2024 season, the options for this item will be altered.


- Add Season Conqueror's Medal Combination Formula to NPC Landiboy

*Unlimited items are available throughout the season and will be deleted at the end of the season.
*This content is only available on the season server during this season.


5. Guild Fame
- Change the Guild Fame: Guild EXP 1 can be converted to Guild Point 1
*Guild EXP points are used when declaring a siege
*Accumulated Guild Points can be used in the Guild Shop


6. Guild Manager & Guild Shop
- Add Guild Shops next to the Guild Manager in the metropolis.
- Add Guild Shop NPC Yoyo in the metropolis.
- Add Items that can be bought using Guild Points
- Relocated Laden guild manager to the alley next to the Laden square

※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.


Best regards,
DKO Team




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