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  • [Maintenance] Scheduled Maintenance on Dec 20, 2022 (Completed)
  • 19.12.2022





We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Monday.
During this period, DK Online will be unavailable.


Duration: 7 hours

- 17:00 - 00:00 (PST, 12/19 -12/20, 2022)
- 01:00 - 08:00 (UTC, 12/20, 2022)



<Global Servers>

Redisse Server -> Standard Server


1. Add Open Event


2. Increased level limit 52 > 65
PvP level limit 26 > 51


3. Skill acquisition limit level increase
Maximum acquisition level: Combat 50 / Magic 48 > Combat / Magic 64


4. Changes to Novelty Store items
Sales: Grace of Dione, Balt Weapon/Armor Magic Scroll, Finest Buff Potion, Return Scroll to Castle
Removed: Weapon/Armor Magic Scroll

5. In-app store (DK Shop) sales list change
Sales: Home Premium (30 Days), [Season Server] Premium Achievement Reward Reset Ticket, Enchant Stone (1ea, 5ea, 10ea)
Character transformation card box (Obtain one of the following: S/SS Rank Transform Card Box 1, S/SS Rank Transform Card Box 2, Unique Soul Transform Card Box)
Monster transformation card box (Obtain one of the following: Common/Uncommon Monster/Rare / Epic/Boss Monster Transform Card Box)
Sealed Eos Dragon’s Stick (30 Days)
Transformation Scroll (Ador, Sparrow, Lukard, Aish, Pinaell, Lukia, Valkyrie, Kaidel, Immortal Kaidel, Eirin, Leia, Lilith)

6. Add Ladyboy
Sales: Bena's equipment (T-shirt, bracelet, belt), Monster transformation card box, Christmas buff food


7. Premium Shop Change
Sales: 3 types of Buff Scrolls (Warlock, Sorceress, Archer/Paladin), 5 kinds of Killing Magical Catalyst (Beast, Human, Demon, Undead, Elemental)
Removed: Transformation Scroll, Token of Guardian, Belt of Harmony (unlimited)


8. Add transformation
Yoyo/Alchemist Yoyo
West Wind Pixie/Ardor Rakuroon
Benedict/Judgment Benedict
Bella/Avarice Bella
Elin/Elin of Gale


9. Add Guild Contents
- Siege
- Guild Dungeon

*The Siege war starts next week.

10. Add hunting ground
- Swamp of Grief
- Elemental Tower (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth all floors)
- Lumen Tower (1~3F)
- Lakshtoom (Mines, The Lost City, Prison of Ambition/Corruption/Pleasure/Rage/Penitence/Revival)


11. Removed Content
- Magic Cube
- 1:1 Trade
- Private Store


12. Others
- Change Premium buff
- Cash Inventory account attribution
- Add Consignment Sales Amount Minimum Price Maximum Price System


<Season Server>
1. Add Steam season server-exclusive content
- Add Achievement
- Add DLC on Steam

I appreciate your patience.

*Please note that the estimated length of time for maintenance is subject to change. We will update you if there are any changes.


Best Regards,
DK Online Team

The maintenance has been completed at 00:00 PDT / 08:00 UTC. 
Thank you for your patience.



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