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  • The second season is coming soon (Postponed)
  • 23.11.2023




Hello everyone,


On November 28th, a new season server will be coming your way.
We're preparing updates including new content, areas, and DLC.


Further details will be shared through future patch notes. Stay tuned for more information!

Before encountering the new season server, please check our announcements for server integration.

[Server Integration Notice]

- The guild on the seasonal server will be disbanded.
- All items will be transferred as they are.
- Items will be transferred together excluding those that will be deleted after the season.
- If you have 5 or more standard characters after integration, you must delete existing characters to see the characters transferred from the season. You can have a maximum of 5 characters. This rule applies even during the integration.
- If the same nickname exists on the standard server, the character name created later will be changeable upon the first login after the transfer.

[Items Scheduled for Deletion]
1. DK Shop - [Season] Premium Achievement Reward Reset Ticket
2. Event Item - Scroll: Scarlet, Choco stick Gremlin, Choco stick, Almond Choco stick
3. Item (Event NPC) - Christmas Candy, Christmas Chocolate, Christmas Milk, Christmas Cake, Christmas Assorted Gift Box

*The mentioned items will be unavailable once the season ends, and any owned items will also be scheduled for deletion. Please take note of this

**The announced schedule and content may be subject to change.

Thank you for understanding :)



DKO Team


The opening of the new season has been postponed. We will soon provide information regarding the new schedule.


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