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  • Patch Notes - Jan 23, 2024
  • 22.01.2024



Hello everyone!


We are here to announce the updated contents on Jan 22-23, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Jan 22-23, 2024 @22:00 - 00:00(PST)


1. Server stabilization


2. Bug
Fix when crafting with the Season Conqueror medal decreases the Season Conqueror challenge count
Fix NPC Theo in Wind Elemental Tower
Fix the guild buff items deletion date was displayed


3. Season Achievement 'Conqueror of 2024'
Modify the condition of achieving 'Conqueror of 2024'
- Change from Collecting Conqueror's Medal to using Conqueror's Medal
- Change to 1 count required for each conqueror achievement
- Each Season Conqueror must achieve the previous Conqueror challenges to progress
Replace Reward item 'Medallion of 2024 Season Conqueror' with 'Box of 2024 Season Conqueror'
- Opening 2024 Season Conqueror box grants 'Medallion of 2024 Season Conqueror' and 'Token of 2024 Season Conqueror'
- Change crafting ingredients for Conqueror's medals to Conqueror's tokens
Reset existing Conqueror of 2024 challenge progress and remove existing Medallion of 2024 Season Conqueror
- Box of 2024 Season Conqueror will be provided to allow players to achieve previously attained stages once again

※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.


Best regards,
DKO Team


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