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  • Patch Notes - Jan 30, 2024
  • 29.01.2024


Hello everyone!
We are here to announce the updated contents on Dec 26, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Jan 29-30, 2024 @22:00 - 00:00(PST)
1. January Event Ends
- Remove Laden and Redisse Christmas decorations
- Delete Newyear Rice cake soup
- Discontinue sale of Landyboy's Newyear Rice cake soup
- Discontinue sale of Elin of Gale($14.9), Elin($9.9) Transform Card on DK Shop
- Delete transform event option (Elin of Gale +EXP 15%, Elin +EXP 5%)
2. February Valentine's Event
 Start Hot time event (EXP, Premium Point, Item Acquisition)
 Add February In-Game Attendance Check Event
Sell Vanguard Hilda ($14.9), Hilda ($9.9) Transform Card on DK Shop
 Add transform event option (Madness Ingram +EXP 15%, Hilda+EXP 5%)
Sell Little Boss Summoning Pipes of Premium Point Shop
 - Little Curro Summoning Pipe, Little Khuntutu Summoning Pipe, Little Malay Summoning Pipe, Little Oz Summoning Pipe, Little Ventus Summoning Pipe, Little Keelix Summoning Pipe
- Each 50 Premium Points
Add Little Boss Summoning Event
- Appear Little Ventus, Little Khuntutu, Little Shadow Nox, Little Sabnok, and Little Medusa at Merman Encampment, Twilight Coast, Phantom Forest, Swamp of Grief, Silent Jungle
- Appear Little Ancient Dwarven Legacy, Little Windbeast at Lakshtoom - The Lost City
- Appear Little Azael, Little Shadow Nox, Little Infuriated Shuriel, Little Sabnok, Little Medusa at Northern / Southern part of Chaos Balt Island
Add Landiboy's Sweet Treat Event
- Sell Buff Valentine Chocolate (2000Florin /Defense +1, HP +20) and Superior Valentine Chocolate (3000Florin /Defense +2, HP +30) from NPC Landiboy
- Add item craft formula (NPC Landibiy, potion)
-All event items (Superior Valentine Chocolate, Valentine Chocolate, Valentine Dark Chocolate, Valentine Sweet Chocolate, and Valentine White Chocolate) will be deleted in bulk on February 27, 2024.
3. Bug and others
Add effect on +13 -15 weapons
Fix Guild Merchant Yoyo's target image and conversation image were not being displayed
※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.


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