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  • [Update] Patch Notes - 27th May 2019
  • 28.05.2019

Please check the detailed patch notes below.

<Time Dungeon, Nadkath>

- Time Dungeon, Nadkath is now open.

- It is available 3 hours.

- The refresh time is same with Daily Quest셲 refresh time. 00:00/24:00)

- You can enter the Nadkath by using the 쁍adkath Teleport Gem which is located on the middle of Redisse and Twilight coast.

- The quest of Nadkath is added.

- For more detailed information, please refer to the link below.

: http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Time_Dungeon

: http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Nadkath_Island

<Silent Jungle>

- The Silent Jungle is now open.

- It is located on the Verma Town셲 southeast side.

- Monsters in Silent Jungle are very strong. And boss monster 쁓teel Moosel is appearing.

<Cash Shop>

- The mysterious Box which gives various consumable items can be purchased 99 coins.

- The detailed information of mysterious box is here: http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Mysterious_Box

- Card: Lukia and Card: Eirin are added.

- Scroll: Valkyrie and Scroll: Kaidel are added.

<Premium Shop>

- Eos Scroll: Valkyrie, Eos Scroll: Kaidel, Eos Scroll: Red Valkyrie, Eos Scroll: Immortal Kaidel are added.

<Combine Transform Card>

- Card: Lukia and Card: Eirin can be obtained when the result of the 쁂ard Combine is S-Rank.

- Card: Scarlet Lukia and Card: Eirin of the Spirit can be obtained when the result of the 쁂ard Combine is SS-Rank.


- Lukia Soul, Eirin Soul, Scarlet Lukia Soul, Eirin of the Spirit Soul are added.

<Hunting Guide>

- 쁓ilent Jungle and 쁍adkath are added to Hunting Guide.

<Teleport Bracelet>

- 'Silent Jungle' and 'Time Dungeon' are added to the teleport list.

<Combine Formula>

- The name of 쁌ana potion is changed into 쁂oncentration Potion.


- Some incorrect tooltips are fixed.