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  • Patch Notes - Dec 26, 2023
  • 21.12.2023


Hello everyone!
We are here to announce the updated contents on Dec 26, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Dec 25-26, 2023 @22:00 - 00:00(PST)
1. Season Open Event Ends
- Delete NPC Dwarf in Stolen Santa Costume
- Delete and discontinue sale of Landyboy's Christmas Buff
   (Candy, Chocolate, Milk, Cake, Assorted Gift Box)
- Delete Christmas Event items
   (Santa's Cookies, Firework, 2023 Christmas Scroll Human, Elf, Gray Elf, Lycan, Diel)
2. Happy New Year Event
- Start Hot time event (EXP, Premium Point, Item Acquisition)
- Add January In-Game Attendance Check Event
- Sell Newyear Rice cake soup from NPC Landiboy
- Sell Elin of Gale ($14.9), Elin ($9.9) Transform Card on DK Shop
- Add transform event option (Elin of Gale +EXP 15%, Elin +EXP 5%)
3. New area
- Open Labyrinth of Dream
- Add quest '[Daily] What I Saw in My Dreams'
- Add quest '[Daily] Survey'
- Add quest '[Daily] Illusion and Blood'
- Add quest '[Daily] Boundary Between Dream and Reality'
- Add quest 'Debris of Dream'
4. Achievement (Season Sever Only)
-Add Labyrinth of Dream
Free Rewards
Premium Rewards
* All rewards are exclusive to this season
*Players can choose one item among those listed with multiple quantities
*Once an item has been claimed, it cannot be canceled or exchanged for another item.
*The Eos rewards are restricted from exchange, trade, dismantling, or combination.
7. Bug
- Edit Tooltip of +6 Tiara of Honor (Max MP+20 -> Max HP +20)
- Fix Achievement Rewad '+6 Helm of Honor' Wind Attribute
※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.
Best regards,
DKO Team


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