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  • Patch Notes - Dec 12, 2023
  • 12.12.2023


Hello everyone!
We are here to announce the updated contents on Dec 12, server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Nov 11-12, 2023 @22:00 - 00:00(PST)
1. New area
Open Lumen Tower 5th-7th floor
2. Daily Quest
Add quest 'Spying of Lumen Tower'
3. Drop Item
Add Irene Summoning Stone (4th floor in Lumen)
4. NPC
Add NPC Walter (7th floor in Lumen)
5. Achievement (Season Sever Only)
Add Lumen Conqueror II
[Free Rewards]
Point Reward
10p Irene Summoning Stone / Premium DK Package (1 Day) / Premium Coupon 500P
30p Calling Stone: Python/ Dragon's Stick (1 Day) / Premium Coupon 500P
50p  Premium DK Package (3 Days)/ Hunting Assist (3 Days)/Premium Coupon 1000P
60p Dragon's Stick (3 Days) / Hunting Assist (3 Days) / Premium Coupon 1000P
70p Teleport Stone (7 Days) 2ea/ Dragon's Stick (7 Days) 2ea/ Hunting Assist (7 Days) 2ea/ Premium DK Package (14 Days) / Premium Coupon 4000P
80p Medallion of 2024 Season Conqueror
[Premium Rewards]
Point Reward
20p +6 Helm of Honor/ +6 Helm of Honor
40p +4 Plate Armor
60p +4 Necklace of Destruction
70p +9 Longsword / Greatsword/ Staff / Bow of Destruction
* All rewards are exclusive to this season
*Players can choose one item among those listed with multiple quantities
*Once an item has been claimed, it cannot be canceled or exchanged for another item.
*The Eos rewards are restricted from exchange, trade, dismantling, or combination.
6. Christmas Event
- Add NPC Dwarf in Stolen Santa Costume in Redisse City
- Drop Santa's Cookie from monsters in the Lost City: Lakshtoom, Mines, Lakshtoom Dungeon
- Add Santa's Cookie Fomular
- Add event Items (Christmas Firework, Little boss summoning pipe, Eos EXP Potion 100%)
- Add 2023 Christmas Scroll ( Human, Elf, Gray elf, Lycan, Diel)
- Landyboy's Christmas Buff for sale
  Christmas Milk (2,000 florins)
  Christmas Candy (3,000 florins)
  Christmas Chocolate (3,000 florins)
  Christmas Cake (4,000 florins)
  Christmas Gift Box (18,000 florins)
- Sale of Human, Elf, Lycan, Gray Elf, Diel Christmas Transform Cards ($9.9) on DK Shop
- Add Christmas maps to the metropolis.
7. Bug
- Edit of accumulated login buff notification (PC cafe Event -> Home Premium Buff)
- Fix achievement rewards for Greatsword damage from the previous version to an updated version (+9 Greatsword of Mare, +9 Greatsword of Hero, +9 Greatsword of Guardian, +9 Greatsword of Quietness)
- Uniform naming for Warehouse Managers (Storage Keeper, Storehouse Manager -> Storage Keeper)
- Add region of missing quests title
※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.
Best regards,
DKO Team


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